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We are Mystyc New Media!

As a Portland Maine web design studio founded in Portland’s historic Old Port in 1996 we have been providing digital marketing services and designing and developing professional web sites, e-commerce and custom applications for businesses, start-ups and organizations in all market segments. As a result, our clients have grown their understanding of how to leverage  their web sites, digital marketing and social media channels to their benefit — greatly increasing customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

We have built hundreds of web sites for for Real Estate Professionals, Builders and Contractors, Law Firms, Small Businesses, Start-ups and Non-Profit Organizations, Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Centers, as well as Schools & Universities. We’ve designed and developed some of the most recognizable web sites around and there isn’t an objective, budget or deadline that we can’t meet.

With all of our experience and by using our strengths in diverse disciplines, we can provide you with a web site, social media presence and other digital marketing initiatives that answers the needs of the big picture; your bottom line. That is what we call a solution, and it is the philosophy that drives us.

Please reach out to us to discuss the best approach for your business, start-up or organization. We will guide you through the entire process from determining the most appropriate budget to creating the right design, brand messaging and social outreach plan. Click here to contact us today!


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